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Penis My Weenie

Happy Penis In The Sunshine

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About Us at Penis_My_Weenie
This is a community for anything. Post about your daily penis adventures, or if you don't have a penis, talk about your vagina or make up penis stories. Try to make them cute. Pictures are optional. We don't like perverts, so if we don't like your entry, it will be deleted. You have aids.


1. You can't be a 40 year old trucker
2. All pictures must be behind a cut.
3. No snow cones
4. A good idea for a penis story would be one about its trip to Quincy Market (in Boston, MA) and how it felt throughout the day there.
4. We're not here to get off. It's just a fun cute community about penises and weenies (vaginas welcomed too!)
6. We skipped 5
7. Talk about boobies as well.
8. We like gays better
9. I can't believe it's not butter
10. Nice people welcome.


Your Happy Moderators At Penis_My_Weenie
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